Deliver Dynamic PHA Data Across Your Enterprise

LivePHA™ is a simple, web based PHA platform where new scenarios, barriers, and other risk documentation can be recorded with built-in validation to ensure quality and consistency. 

With live updates to actionable insights, teams can always make informed, risk-based decisions.
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Maintain PHA Data Relevancy with LivePHA™

At Risk Alive®, we bridge the gap between hazardous scenarios at site and global expert knowledge, ensuring that valuable insights into your critical scenarios are readily available. 

With LivePHA™ you’ll enable organization-wide access to risk information, empowering every individual within your organization to make informed decisions based on comprehensive insights.


  • Standardize your PHA processes across your facilities
  • Update PHA insights and risk profiles as recommendations are completed 
  • Maintain your PHA data throughout MOCs and project risk review
  • Easily share your PHA data with all team members and key stakeholders
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Evergreen your PHA Management with LivePHA™

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Tree View

  • View and edit each node during and after your PHA session with ease using LivePHA™'s tree-view feature (shown)
  • Collaborate effortlessly with LivePHA™'s multi-user capability, allowing multiple users to access and work simultaneously
  • Share your PHA across teams and key stakeholders without any extra licensing fees
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Global Search

  • Upload any of your existing PHA's into the platform to easily view, manage, and search through all of your PHA data at once
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Track History

  • Manage changes to your PHA with LivePHA™ history tracking feature, providing a detailed record of dates, times, changes made, and user information for reference
  • Keep your PHA updated with accurate information by closing recommendations as you go, saving time and streamlining the revalidation process

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Use Case: Improving Baseline Facilitations with LivePHA™ Software

Using LivePHA™, this gas gathering and processing business was able to improve every aspect of their PHA, from increasing user access capabilities, improving recommendations based on risk impact, and updating recommendations and information based on the latest work.

Make Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Easy and Efficient

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