Action Your Data Faster With Risk Alive® Analytics

Extract PHA insights using data collected during your PHA to improve risk-based decision making and PSM program efficiency and effectiveness.
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Produce Valuable Insights From Your Data, Faster

Make risk-based decisions using Risk Alive® and the world’s largest risk learnings database to improve process safety programs and initiatives for all your facilities.

Use Risk Alive® Analytics to:

Easily prioritize and budget for PHA recommendation completion focusing on high-impact risk reduction activities


Focus on safeguard ranking to develop and prioritize critical equipment and critical barrier lists


Quickly identify the top 3 threats and initiate work to gain control over the greatest of those risks​

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Use Case: Using Risk-Based Data to Reduce Insurance Audits

By prioritizing the highest risk items identified through PHAs, our client was able to save over $200,000 with Risk Alive.

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Critical Top 3

  • Quickly identify the top 3 threats from your PHA data and initiate work to control the greatest of those risks
  • Understand the most critical threats in your facility and how they relate to safeguards and recommendations
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Recommendation Sequencer

  • Optimize the implementation of recommendations ​with the highest impact on overall risk reduction
  • Prioritize spending on recommendations without compromising safety
  • Visualize risk impacts of recommendation completion
  • Optimize turnaround scope and budget
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Safeguard Ranking

  • Aggregate & Analyze safeguards across entire sites​
  • Prioritize maintenance​ based on criticality
  • Quickly develop, verify, and prioritize critical equipment lists
  • Use safeguard rankings to provide alarm rationalization & prioritization
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Auto-Generate Bowties

  • Understand and visualize the impacts of changes to and around process equipment
  • Investigate causes, safeguards, recommendations, and consequences​
  • Use during projects, MOC work, and incident investigations
  • Use information for critical defeats/bypass contingency planning

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