Using LivePHA™, this gas gathering and processing business improved every aspect of their PHA, from ensuring up-to-date and relevant information to more effectively prioritizing recommendations based on risk impact.

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Inefficient Baseline Facilitations

This gas gathering and processing business has operations in Northern British Columbia & Alberta. Their PHA process was inefficient with low operational engagement. Scheduling delays and limited resources resulted in exhaustive post-work from poor-quality sessions. The client needed to find a way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their PHAs, and eliminate:

  • Delayed or canceled PHAs
  • Unusable data from poorly executed PHAs
  • Missed risk areas and action items
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LivePHA™ Recommendation Sequencer & Safeguard Profiler

The client leveraged LivePHA™ to improve the prep portion of each PHA. Providing multiple users with access to the PHA worksheets at the same time. Once in session, the information was up to date, and the data collected was more relevant. Recommendations were made, prioritized based on risk impact, and as work was completed information and recommendations were re-calibrated in real-time.

  • Prepared, and engaged with, operations more effectively
  • Decreased PHA meeting time from 4 days to 2.5 days

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