PHA Facilitation Services Driven by Data

Reduce your facility's risk and ensure safety during all stages of your facility’s lifecycle with our PHA Facilitation services and accompanying PHA solutions.
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PHA Risk Management Across Your Facility’s Lifecycle

Experienced and professional PHA facilitators from Risk Alive® and our practitioners network assess safety risks at any stage of your facility’s lifecycle, from Hazard Identification in the design phase to Revalidation Assessments throughout the facility’s operating life. 

  • Consultants are experts in a wide range of risk assessment techniques
  • Global reach with our facilitation team and practitioners network

HAZOPs are data-driven, ensuring that priority is given based on risk, not workflow and resources.


If the probability of a risk scenario occurring versus the severity of consequences doesn’t match your company’s risk tolerance benchmarks, we help fix it.


The design and operation of your organization’s safety system is consistently reviewed to identify potential hazards or operability problems.

SIL Verification

Determines the success of a safety design by calculating the probability of failure per hour and determining other constraints.

What If

Provides a structured risk assessment method to determine the consequences of potential failures, and the likelihood of those consequences occurring.

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SIL Verification (Part 1 of SIL Workshop Series)

About Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

At Risk Alive®, we believe in providing practical solutions that are rooted in industry-wide, expert perspectives. When organizations choose Risk Alive®, they gain access to comprehensive insights on risk-reducing safeguards and recommendations, leading to significant cost savings over the lifespan of their facilities.

We approach Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) with a data-centered mindset, redefining it as an opportunity for learning and continuous improvement rather than a mere compliance-driven exercise.

We understand that each customer has distinct needs and requirements so we take a customized approach, tailoring our solutions as needed. Our expertise lies in understanding where owners and operators currently stand and guiding them through their individual next steps on their Process Safety journey.

Use Industry-Wide Data and Improve your Quality & Consistency

  • Utilize peer data to complement existing information
  • Ensure critical scenarios from the industry are addressed
  • Standardize approach across multiple process units 

Work Smarter and Safer, Together

Acme Facility Safety
As part of the RSD group of companies, ACM provides standards-driven training, consulting, and software solutions that aim to make the workplace (and the world) safer through education.

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PHA Facilitation Services

Reduce your facility's risk and ensure safety during all stages of your facility’s lifecycle with our
PHA Facilitation services and accompanying PHA solutions.
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PHA Plan and Assist

PHA Plan and Assist

Using global industry data, you can identify focus areas within your PHA for pre-session review and discussion in-session to ensure that all important scenarios are considered.
  • Equipment Selector
    Select an equipment type involved in PHA for a process unit
  • Industry Data Auto-Generated Bowtie
    View industry-standard causes and consequences associated with equipment, as well as safeguards and threats
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PHA Pre-Session

PHA Pre-Session

The initial screening session includes:

  • Scope Confirmation
  • Procedure Identification
  • Facilitator/scribe Identification & Alignment
  • P&ID Noding & Template Preparation
  • Industry Evaluation
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PHA Readiness

PHA Readiness

Ensure your team is ready for your next PHA session through our industry-specific training courses.

Foundational courses include:

  • Introduction to PHA/HAZOP
  • Fundamentals of Risk-Based Process Safety
  • Fundamentals of the Safety Lifecycle
  • P&ID Instrumentation & Engineering Drawings Interpretation
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In-Session Facilitation

In-Session Facilitation

Book our PHA Facilitators for your next PHA session. Work with our expert team and practitioners network to leverage our extensive industry knowledge and data in your session.

  • 40+ Facilitators
  • Global delivery capabilities
  • Thousands of facilitations
    HAZOP, LOPA, SIL-V, What-if, and more
  • Data Enablement

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Post Session

Post Session

  • Finalize PHA File
  • IFR Generation in 10 days or less
  • Prioritized recommendations
  • Clear identification of risks and safeguards

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