Use Your Data to Create a Safer Facility

Augment your facility’s safety with data-driven tools.
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Data-Enriched Lab PHAs

Implement specific data into your next PHA session to proactively inform potential risk scenarios for different scenarios, processes, procedures, and more so you can be prepared for the unexpected.

Process Safety Insights

Specifically designed with questions you can ask yourself about your organization’s strategic safety process, as well as industry data so you can compare your performance to the rest of the industry, and benchmark where changes and improvements need to be made.
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Health Checks

Powered by Risk Alive®, Health Check gives you the information you need to prioritize site or enterprise HAZOP efforts based on risk data and execution—not on process and timelines.

  • Determine the areas of your safety plan that pose the greatest level of risk and therefore need the most attention
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of safeguards
  • Determine measurements of risk
  • Determine processing units that have the most risk

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SafeGuard Profiler®

SafeGuard Profiler® is a safety software solution that helps designers, engineers, and operators conduct successful engineering failure analysis, SIL determination, SIL verification and validation, and optimization exercises.

Key features include:

  • User-friendly interface with comprehensive safety system analysis and design
  • LOPA visualization, contingency planning, and flexible failure rate database
  • Efficient design and validation of safety instrumented functions with the IEC 61511-ANSI/ISA 84.0 compliant calculation and modelling engine, allowing for quick determination of the best safety instrumented system architecture

Additionally, the software can easily integrate with SafeGuard Sentinel to provide real-time risk visualization and contingency planning.


Risk Communication

Use specifically designed communication posters and graphics to easily communicate your site's priority information to operators, without having to dig through PHA session data.

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Complete procedures on processes such as CHAZOP, HAZOP, HAZID, ORA, and more.

Smart Safety Driven by Data

Download data products to augment your risk management or safety processes today.

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Safety Critical Elements Quickstart

Prioritize your Safety Critical Element Recommendations. Use Automated Bowties post PHA to generate a process unit report that includes:​

  • Major accident hazards​
  • Safety critical equipment​
  • Safety critical activities
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Emergency Scenario Quickstart

Prioritize Emergency Plan Recommendations. Leverage your PHA information to identify emergency plan requirements​:

  • List of major hazards​
  • Consequences of each hazard​
  • Barriers for each hazard
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PSM Process Benchmarking

Investigate and compare your organization to data provided by your peers​. Highlight areas where you may need to improve process safety programs.

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